are all ceramic coatings the same

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All the Ceramic Coatings are going to protect your vehicle the same way. All Ceramic Coatings are durable, shiny and they are going to last a whole lot longer than any wax or sealant. Ceramic Coatings vary on their thickness, slickness, durability, longevity and the gloss.

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  • What makes ceramic pro coating different?

  • Stronger Formulation: The formulation of Ceramic Pro is simply stronger than any DIY coating. The higher percentage of SiO2 and other proprietary ingredients provides a much stronger bond to the surface where it鈥檚 applied. This means enhanced product qualities like hydrophobic properties, shine, and most important 鈥?protection against the elements.

  • What is a ceramic coating&do I need one?

  • What Is A Ceramic Coating Do I Need One? A ceramic coating is a glass-like protective layer that bonds to your vehicle鈥檚 clear coat.The clear coat gives your vehicle that deep shine. The problem is, your vehicle鈥檚 surface is full of tiny …

  • What is the difference between wax and ceramic coating?

  • Like wax, ceramic coating protects the paint from particles that may scratch or dull the finish. The difference, though, is that ceramic coatings last longer because of the polymer technology. It works as a semi-permanent bond rather than a simple protective film or top coat.

  • Are ceramic coatings scratch resistant?

  • The truth is, ceramic coatings are scratch resistant, NOT scratch proof. There鈥檚 a big difference. A fancy water resistant watch will work fine if you accidentally leave it on in the shower. Point a pressure washer at it for hours however, and you鈥檙e likely to run into some problems. The same logic applies to your ceramic coating.

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