are ceramic bearings good

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  • Are ceramic wheel bearings any good?

  • There are bearings in the wheel hubs, the headset, bottom bracket, pedals and jockey wheels, and they’re commonly made from steel. There has been a lot of hype about ceramic bearings in recent years and many people claim they offer a performance upgrade.

  • Why are ceramic ball bearings so important?

  • The importance of ball bearings is far greater than their size might suggest, which is why the cycling industry is making such a fuss over ceramic balls. Here鈥檚 the deal: ceramic balls are generally rounder, smoother, harder and lighter than steel balls, so should theoretically provide less friction and greater longevity.

  • Are ceramic bearings worth the hype?

  • A lot of it is hype. Ceramic bearings are used in industrial machines because they spin at 25,000rpm and there are significant advantages, but a bike wheel only spins at, say, 300rpm, so the differences compared to the very high-quality steel balls we were already using is very slight.鈥?/div>Are ceramic bearings worth it? | Cyclist

  • Why hybrid ceramic bearings?

  • In 1997 Dave read about ceramic bearings and started his research on why at the higher running speeds, those hybrid ceramic bearings were being used. The ceramic balls are 60% lighter and offer 40% less friction over the steel balls.

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