are ceramic heaters any good

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  • What is the best portable ceramic space heater?

  • 1. Lasko 754200 鈥?Best Portable Ceramic Space Heater. The Lasko 754200 Ceramic Space Heater is a portable electric heater that Lasko is very proud of. There are more than 8,000 5-star reviews containing praises of its affordability, mobility, and efficiency.

  • Are ceramic heaters better than gas heaters?

  • They鈥檙e suitable for smaller rooms and spaces, but if you鈥檙e looking to warm a larger room, then a ceramic heater is a better choice because it blows the hot air around.

  • Are ceramic space heaters safe in winter?

  • If you want to stay warm in the winter without cranking up the thermostat, a space heater is a valid option. Ceramic space heaters are especially popular because they can quickly heat an entire room and are known for being durable. And because they can efficiently self-regulate temperature, ceramic heaters are considered to be a fairly safe choice.

  • Do ceramic heaters get cold when turned off?

  • But a ceramic heater circulates warm air around the space, and then slowly warms up the room. At the time you turn it off, it will depend on how cold it is, but the heat will remain for some time. How efficient is a ceramic heater (compared to other heaters in general)?

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