are ceramic rotors good

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  • Are ceramic brake pads hard on rotors?

  • Some ceramic pads can be hard on your rotors. Because of the copper fibers that are in the ceramics of these brake pads, you will find that there can be scratching or grooving that occurs sometimes on your rotors.

  • Why is it important to choose the right brake rotors?

  • Without the friction caused by the abrasion between the pad and the rotor, you wouldn鈥檛 be able to stop reliably. That’s why brake pads and rotors wear out so quickly. Choosing the best brake rotors is more than a matter of convenience, it鈥檚 about safety. But choosing the right set can be a challenge. Do you go with steel or cast iron?

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of smooth rotors?

  • There are drawbacks, though. Smooth rotors give maximum surface area against the brake pads when they clamp down. It鈥檚 great because the friction works quickly and brings you to a fast stop. The downside is that this friction force has to go somewhere, and it turns into heat.

  • What type of rotors do you need for your car?

  • This type of rotor is one of the most prevalent for passenger cars. Typical of an OEM part, smooth rotors 鈥?also called blank rotors 鈥?are the basic rotor starting point. As a result of the straightforward design, they are a cost-effective option. There are drawbacks, though.

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