are ceramic vanity tops durable

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  • What is the best material for a bathroom vanity top?

  • Ceramic is one of the most common sink materials, but an increasing trend extends the edges of the sink itself so your counter and sink are made of one piece of solid ceramic. While a ceramic vanity top can be an attractive addition to many homes, there are some factors to consider before deciding on the right vanity top for your bathroom.

  • Why choose a ceramic Vanity top?

  • Ceramic vanity tops use porcelain ceramic moulding techniques for a classic finish. Integrated overflow on selected styles. Heat resistant and easy to maintain. Will not discolour. Very high scratch resistance. Maximum water temperature 65C. 5 Year warranty on ceramic tops. Can be susceptible to chipping and cracking due to impact.

  • Why choose recycled glass vanity tops?

  • Recycled glass vanity tops are ideal for high-end bathrooms, or those where style is an important factor. Very durable, strong countertops 鈥?particularly when they made using acrylic Acrylic-based recycled glass countertops are easy to clean When cracks occur (more common with concrete) the countertop cannot be easily repaired

  • Are granite bathroom vanity tops worth the cost?

  • The combination of beauty, durability, and desirability means that granite is one of the most expensive options around. Yet the high upfront cost pays off in the long run. Not only does granite last just about forever, but granite bathroom vanity tops also add resale value to your home.

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