can i use electrolytic capacitor instead of ceramic

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  • What is the difference between ceramic and electrolytic capacitors?

  • Ceramic capacitors have lower ESR and due to this they offer lower leak currents than the electrolytic capacitors. tip: Try to use ceramic capacitors to your battery-powered designs. Lowe ESR also means that ceramic capacitors have better transients response so they can provide current (more easily) during a transient.

  • What are the dirty tricks we used in capacitors?

  • Electrolytic capacitors and high capacitance (0.1F to 100F+) ceramic capacitors are the dirty tricks we used. 2. Electrolytic capacitors

  • Why do we use large electrolytic capacitors for passives?

  • Not that you ever should use passives without derating. So hence the large electrolytic can providing a large bucket of electrons keeping up with low frequency power spikes on circuitry. The smaller ceramics take up the mid-frequencies up to 50MHz or so unless you’re very careful with placement, routing and part selection.

  • What type of dielectric is used in capacitors?

  • Ceramic capacitors use a ceramic as their dielectric, with metallization on either side as the plates. I will not be going into Class 1 (low capacitance) types, but only class II.

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