can you ceramic coat gelcoat

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  • Can you put gelcoat over gelcoat?

  • Yes, you can apply gelcoat over a surface that’s already covered with gelcoat. If it’s a large surface such as a boat or a bathtub, use a gelcoat spray gun to apply a coat over the existing coat. For smaller surface areas, like a chair, apply the gelcoat using a paintbrush using short, vertical strokes.

  • How much does it cost to coat a boat with ceramic?

  • For example, a 250-milliliter (about 8.5 ounces) bottle of Glidecoat鈥檚 Marine Ceramic Coating, enough to apply two coats to 315 square feet of surface (enough for the topsides of a 30-foot boat, according to Glidecoat), costs $295.

  • What is the difference between glidecoat pro and DIY ceramic coating?

  • Westhorpe said Glidecoat鈥檚 pro ceramic coating contains 68 percent silicon versus 60 percent in the DIY product. It鈥檚 a two-part product, ceramic plus catalyst; the DIY coating is single part. 鈥淭he pro ceramic flashes off really quickly,鈥?he said.

  • Can you use gelcoat on fiberglass boat?

  • Fill in any cracks or gouges in the fiberglass with polyester filler, marine grade. Epoxy filler, although a great product is not suitable for a gel-cote top coat. Polyester gel-cotes will not chemically bond to epoxy. You鈥檒l want to take care of any damage on the fiberglass first so you have a smooth surface to apply the gelcoat to.

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