can you ceramic coat gelcoat

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  • How to apply gelcoat?

  • First thing you want to do is look at the surface you want to apply gelcoat to. If the surface is already covered with gelcoat, or if the surface is a fiberglass, or polyester resin, then applying gelcoat will be a snap. If the surface is paint, then the paint would have to be removed before applying the gelcoat.

  • How many coats of ceramic over gelcoat?

  • And always apply two coats of ceramic; the first coat fills and seals the gelcoat, and the second coat provides the gloss.

  • Why choose a ceramic coating for your boat?

  • Glidecoat offers a range of high performance ceramic coatings to protect your boat from the harsh marine environment! Our products offer superior protection compared to traditional wax, making maintenance a breeze, allowing you to enjoy all of the fun that goes with owning a boat with less time spent cleaning.

  • What is the difference between glidecoat pro and DIY ceramic coating?

  • Westhorpe said Glidecoat鈥檚 pro ceramic coating contains 68 percent silicon versus 60 percent in the DIY product. It鈥檚 a two-part product, ceramic plus catalyst; the DIY coating is single part. 鈥淭he pro ceramic flashes off really quickly,鈥?he said.

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