can you cut ceramic tile with a dremel

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  • Can you cut tile with a Dremel tool?

  • This article has been viewed 60,676 times. A Dremel tool makes cutting tile much easier than it looks. Whether you want to open a hole in tile that is already fixed to a wall or floor, or cut tiles to fit before you install them, a Dremel tool will make any tile cutting job easy.

  • How do you fix a hairline cut in a tile?

  • If you are cutting a whole end off a tile, then simply push through to the end of the line and let the excess piece fall away. Repair any hairline cracks in tiles with a tile repair epoxy kit if you want to salvage the tile.

  • How do you use a tile cutter bit?

  • If you’re using the #562 tile bit, plunge it into the tile at a 45-degree angle and gradually push it in until it is at a 90-degree angle. If you’re using the #545 blade, plunge it into the tile at a 90-degree angle. Be sure to put on safety goggles and cover your mouth with a dust mask before you start cutting.

  • How do you protect tile from dust when cutting?

  • Cover the surrounding area with plastic to protect it. Cutting tile will create a lot of dust. Cover any surrounding counters, appliances, or anything else you don鈥檛 want to get dusty to make cleanup easier. You can use blue painter鈥檚 tape or masking tape to secure the plastic in place.

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