can you lay pergo over ceramic tile

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  • Can you install different flooring over ceramic tile?

  • This is why many homeowners opt to simply install different flooring on top of their ceramic tile. There are several types of flooring you can install over ceramic tile, each with their own pros and cons. Your decision will depend on the room you need to install in and whether or not there are door jambs and fixtures to work around.

  • How do you grout between laminate and ceramic tile?

  • Second, the grout joints should be filled to level with the top or face of the ceramic tile, to ensure a smooth surface for the laminate to rest. You can simply grout as normal, using very light pressure on the grout joint, to keep the joint level.

  • Can you put laminate flooring over tile?

  • Since tile is a durable substrate, there is little risk of deterioration when another flooring is placed over it. There are a few precautions though. First, the tile should be in good shape, level and free of depressions before installing laminate over top.

  • Can you put engineered wood over tile?

  • That said, engineered wood can be glued directly onto the tile, making installation easy, and it is much thinner than solid wood. Carpet is sold in a range of heights, so you can probably find a style that won鈥檛 interfere with your doors or other fixtures in the room.

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