can you paint ceramic backsplash

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  • Can you paint a tile backsplash?

  • Painting a tile backsplash is a simple, affordable and durable way to update your kitchen! This tutorial shows you exactly how to paint your tile backsplash in 5 easy steps. Raise your hand if your outdated tile backsplash makes you cringe鈥?So have you ever found yourself wondering, 鈥渃an you paint a tile backsplash鈥? The answer is YES!!!

  • What kind of primer do you use on tile backsplash?

  • Clean your tile backsplash well with T.S.P. (trisodium phosphate). Prime your backsplash with a good quality primer. We used Sherwin-William’s general-purpose primer. It will look terrible at this stage鈥揹on’t panic.

  • What color should I Paint my Kitchen backsplash?

  • It will look terrible at this stage鈥揹on’t panic. Paint your backsplash with General Finishes Milk Paint in the color of your choosing (we mixed the Snow White color with a little bit of Antique White). This paint goes a long way鈥? quart will be PLENTY for most backsplashes.

  • Can you paint tile floors?

  • When painting tile you want to keep a few things in mind: adhesion, durability and finish. As we cover in detail below, for optimal adhesion you want to clean the tile completely and then prime it. The primer will help your paint to stick to the tile and prevent pealing over time.

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