can you put epoxy on ceramic mug

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  • How to repair a broken mug with epoxy?

  • How To Repair A Cracked or broken Mug With Epoxy 1 Mix up two-part epoxy as well for several minutes. 2 Apply the mixed epoxy between bigger cracked or broken pieces carefully. 3 Let the epoxy soak in for 3 to 5 minutes. 4 Wipe off all the excess applied epoxy next to the crack before it dries. More items…

  • What is the best way to paint a mug?

  • Use the biggest, softest synthetic brush you can find and quickly brush downward in an even stroke from tape to tape. With the next stroke, overlap by 1/16鈥?or 2mm and work your way around. Depending on the viscosity you may need more or less paint. Personally I would dip the entire outside of the mug in polyester resin.

  • How do you fix a broken handle on a ceramic mug?

  • If your ceramic coffee mugs handle has broken off, repair it by using epoxy glue instead of super glue. Epoxy glue has better structural strength than normal superglue. That’s why epoxy works better than super glue on ceramic. Put epoxy on the broken area and set the handle, then wait 24 hours before handling.

  • How do I wrap a glass cup with modge Podge?

  • I would wrap a line of masking tape around the edge of the cup on the outside at the top, because this modgepodge gloss appears not to be food safe. I would also wrap at the bottom for aesthetic reasons.

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