can you put epoxy over ceramic tile

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  • Can you put epoxy floor coating on ceramic tile?

  • For the best results, you should remove the ceramic tile and apply epoxy floor coating to the concrete below. What About Tile Paint or Garage Floor Epoxy on Ceramic Tile?

  • Can you paint over epoxy flooring?

  • The clear primer allows for the epoxy coating to adhere to the floor without destroying the color of the tile. If you want to change the color of the tile, use a white primer that will allow you to paint on a layer of floor paint. Begin at one of the corners, and apply an even coat of primer over the entire floor.

  • Can epoxy full flake seamless flooring be used over tiles?

  • We are getting asked more often about using epoxy full flake seamless flooring over tiles because in many instances people want a cheaper, cleaner and faster option than replacing the flooring with new tiles. Thanks to some great new products it is now possible to do tile restoration work on any tile. Are all Tiled Floors Suitable for Resurfacing?

  • Can you paint ceramic tile grout?

  • There are tile paint products that are designed to work with ceramic tile. These products do what they do well enough鈥攂ut they鈥檙e not the same as an epoxy floor coating. You鈥檒l have tile and grout painted one color, much like the look of painted brick.

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