can you put vinyl tiles on top of ceramic tiles

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  • Can you put vinyl flooring over ceramic tile?

  • That can include ceramic tile if you take the appropriate steps to make it suitable for vinyl installation. If your ceramic tile floor is very damaged, unlevel or has many deep seams, it may not be a good foundation for vinyl flooring. You should also keep in mind that tile with embossing can show through thin vinyl flooring.

  • Can you install ceramic tile on concrete floors?

  • Once you are satisfied with the adhesive test you can proceed with installing your new ceramic tile. One other quick note, most newer vinyl floors have a felt backing, this makes a nice crack suppressant on concrete sub floors. Just another reason why you many not want to remove it.

  • How do you lay vinyl floor tiles on a concrete floor?

  • The correct way to this job would be to lift all the floor tiles, lay marine plyboard down and secure it with screws. Making sure the floor is level is vital when laying vinyl tiles. If the plyboard has been pulled down in some area because of the screws when securing it a levelling compound might need to be used.

  • Can you put vinyl flooring on a bathroom floor?

  • If the floor is in good condition you can install straightaway. You should always pull the toilet before you install the vinyl tile in a bathroom, because the toilet needs to rest on top of the finished surface. In addition, you should remove any trim from around the edges of the room, such as baseboards.

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