can you put vinyl tiles over ceramic tiles

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  • Can vinyl plank flooring be installed over ceramic tile?

  • Vinyl plank flooring works well in any tightly sealed, smooth or seamless surface. Vinyl flooring can be installed over ceramic tile if the grout lines are thin enough.

  • Do you have to remove tiles before installing vinyl flooring?

  • Even if you use power tools to scrape the tiles and grout them away, the process often leaves the surface with bumps and divots, meaning, there is still plenty of manual work that will need to be done to make the surface smooth before installing your vinyl flooring.

  • What is the Best Flooring to put over ceramic tile?

  • Vinyl planks represent perhaps the best option for installation over ceramic tile. They come in thicknesses ranging from 2 millimeters (about 1/16 inch) to 8.5 millimeters (about 3/8 inch) and typically float over the subfloor.

  • Can you install ceramic tile on concrete floors?

  • Once you are satisfied with the adhesive test you can proceed with installing your new ceramic tile. One other quick note, most newer vinyl floors have a felt backing, this makes a nice crack suppressant on concrete sub floors. Just another reason why you many not want to remove it.

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