can you recycle ceramic mugs

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Take them to recycle centers

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  • Are coffee mugs recyclable?

  • Coffee mugs seem to multiply on their own over time. You may want to recycle some old mugs because they鈥檙e broken, old, or seem to be taking over your kitchen cabinet. Fortunately, there are some options out there that will allow you to keep those coffee mugs out of the landfill.

  • Can ceramics be recycled?

  • According to Waste Management, the presence of ceramics like coffee mugs and plates in a batch of your typical, curbside-recyclable glass will weaken the recycled product, which is why ceramics aren鈥檛 usually accepted. This is unfortunate, because ceramic is technically recyclable.

  • What to do with old coffee mugs?

  • Wrap a ribbon around the mug and give it as a small gift to someone from work, school, or to a friend. Use the old coffee mugs to store pencils and pens. Maybe you received that mug that says #1 Dad twenty years ago, but you can鈥檛 bear to part with it. A coffee mug also makes a great pencil or pen holder for your desk.

  • What to do with ceramic mugs for kids?

  • The small bits of ceramic work as well as gravel for encouraging soil drainage. Give the mugs to your kids for crafting projects. Let your kids release some creative energy by giving them coffee mugs to craft with. This is a cheap and easy way to let your kids develop the artistic talent you know they have.

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