can you use ceramic wax on fiberglass

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  • Can you use wax on fiberglass?

  • With such a powerful formula, the wax protects the surface from water, UV rays, and oxidation, making it shiny and good-looking all over again. Furthermore, you can use the wax on fiberglass, chrome, aluminum, and many other materials. The main drawback of this product might be the application.

  • Can I apply a ceramic coating over or underneath a wax?

  • Ceramic coatings should not be applied over or underneath waxes. Applying a ceramic coating over a wax will prevent it bonding to the paint and negatively impact the durability and finish. Apply a wax over a coating will hinder the performance of the ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings and waxes are generally not compatible products.

  • Can you use ceramic wax on a car?

  • There are numerous ceramic wax sprays currently offered on the market and they all provide the same hydrophobic properties as a normal ceramic coating job, but are as easy to apply to your car as any other wax. After your car is thoroughly cleaned, you just need to spray the ceramic wax onto your car and buff it out.

  • Is ceramic wax stronger than ceramic coating?

  • While a ceramic wax will help, it鈥檚 not as strong as the Ceramic Pro 9H coating. Titanium dioxide or TiO2 is the main contributor to the hardness of a ceramic coating product. SiO2 helps maintain a flat surface, which makes the top coat slippery.

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