can you use metal utensils on ceramic pans

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No Metal Utensils

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  • Can you use a metal utensil on ceramic cookware?

  • This is especially relevant to ceramic- coated cookware which consists of a metal base and a ceramic coating over top. Harsh, hard or sharp utensils such as metal spatulas and tongs can chip or scrape the coating and expose the metal beneath.

  • Can you use metal utensils on nonstick pans?

  • If you care about your nonstick pans 鈥?and if you want them to, well, stay nonstick 鈥?you should never use metal utensils on them. Eat This, Not That! explains that the sharp edges of a metal spatula or a set of metal tongs, for instance, can chip away and scratch the Teflon coating of your pan.

  • Should you buy ceramic or silicone pots and pans?

  • For spatulas and soft utensils, go for silicone. And for stiff utensils such as fish slices and skimmers, go for nylon. Your ceramic pots and pans will remain in-tact, tidy and scratch-free. They鈥檒l look newer for longer and remain safe to use.

  • Can you put a ceramic cookware in the sink?

  • Don鈥檛 be tempted to toss your hot ceramic pots and pans into the sink straight from the heat. Leave them to cool on the stove until warm before washing. This will prevent warping or heat shock which can damage the ceramic coating and cause the metal core to go a little wonky. This is a great rule of thumb for all cookware types.

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