how does a ceramic filter work

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Mechanical filtration

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  • How do ceramic water filters work?

  • Ceramic water filters work by allowing water to flow through the millions of tiny pores on the casing of the ceramic cartridge. These pores, a half micron in size, trap impurities as the water passes through them.

  • What are the benefits of a ceramic filter?

  • One of the benefits of a ceramic filter is that is can be cleaned and reused many times. As water is filtered through the ceramic, the filtered contaminants build up on the exterior of the ceramic candle, clogging the porous surface, and causing the water flow to slow down or stop entirely. When you notice this happening:

  • What is a ceramic filter cartridge?

  • The ceramic filter cartridge , often referred to as a ceramic filter candle, processes the water and removes contaminants through a network of pores. Ceramic filtration systems exist in a variety of applications.

  • How long do ceramic water filters last?

  • If you filter less water than normal, a filter will last for more than six months. If you filter a large amount of water, the filter can stop filtering in a couple of months. A ceramic filter with an exposed surface can be cleaned to remove the blocking material from the pores of the surface.

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