how long do bmw carbon ceramic brakes last

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Entire lifetime

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  • How long do BMW brakes last?

  • The only policy BMW carries regarding brakes is 12,000 miles or 2 years for warrantable parts. Just for a single carbon ceramic disc will set you back over 2000, and is it really worth all the above advantages? Would you just swap everything to a more reliable standard steel and as capable setup that cost the fraction of the price?

  • How long do carbon ceramic brakes last?

  • 鈥淭his feature means that the wear resistance of Carbon Ceramic Material guarantees an approximate disc life of 150,000 km (93,000 miles) for road use and 2,000 km (2,400 miles) for extreme track use (e.g. Ferrari Challenge),鈥?Michelini said. That鈥檚 not all. Carbon ceramic brakes also look pretty cool.

  • How much do BMW M carbon ceramic brakes cost?

  • The M Carbon Ceramic Brakes can be added to selected BMW M models for an additional $8,500 to $9,250 as a Performance Option. 20-inch or greater M wheels must be ordered in conjunction with the M Carbon Ceramic Brake option on your new BMW. This is because the brake discs are larger on the front wheels and cannot fit into the stock wheels provided.

  • When did Mercedes-Benz start offering carbon ceramic brakes?

  • Beginning in 2014, Mercedes-Benz started offering carbon ceramic brakes as an option on the E63 AMG and the E63 AMG Wagon 鈥?and not just any option, but an option with a sticker price of just under $13,000. Mind you, the base price of a 2014 E63 AMG Wagon was only $103,400. This single option was nearly 13 percent of the car鈥檚 entire price.

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