how long does ceramic body armor last

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5 years

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  • How long does body armor last?

  • This often depends on what your armor is made out of, how it was manufactured, and how frequently it鈥檚 used. On average, most body armor comes with an expiration date around five years after it鈥檚 made. What are the risks of wearing expired body armor?

  • Do body armor and bulletproof vest expire?

  • Like other products, body armor, bulletproof vest, carrier, ballistic plates, and other protective gear have an expiration date, issued by their manufacturers. The expiration date indicates the maximum time frame that the item does its purpose, which in this situation, is to protect its wearer.

  • Should I buy ceramic or steel body armor?

  • Keep in mind that the higher price of ceramic body armor offers key advantages, including a lightweight yet durable profile. Price is just one attribute to consider when comparing ceramic and steel body armor, and Spartan Armor Systems offers exceptional value on all of our armor packages.

  • What is the shelf life of soft armor?

  • The ceramic/composites are 5 year shelf life. I’m not gonna spend hundreds more on something that lasts less than half as long as steel plates. I agree that light is better, but it’s not better for me. Every source I鈥檝e ever consulted has said that the expiration date on soft armor is garbage.

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