how many layers ceramic coating

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Two or three

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  • How many coats of ceramic coating do I Need?

  • This means that most providers simply apply layer after layer of the ceramic coat just to drive up a large amount of money from your pockets. This is especially true for those providers that go beyond all required measures and end up offering 8-10 coats of a ceramic coating such as Ceramic Pro 9H.

  • How long does ceramic coating last?

  • Typically, 2 layers of ceramic coating and a single layer of top coat is enough to last you anywhere between 3-5 years. This particular aspect is also affected by your driving conditions and extent of usage.

  • How many layers of protective coating should you put on your car?

  • Most professionals recommend that you put multiple layers of the protective coating on your car. However, they approach the availability of these coats in terms of the predefined packages mentioned above. The reason behind this approach is quite simple. Additional layers of ceramic coating only translate to a larger bill.

  • How long does it take to level a ceramic coating?

  • Depending on the ceramic coating being used at the time advanced polishing or even wet sanding is needed to level the coating. Proper paint preparation like advanced paint correction is also required prior to applying professional coatings, this process can take hours sometimes even days to complete.

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