how much are carbon ceramic brakes

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$10,000 to $18,000

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  • How much do carbon ceramic brakes cost for a Porsche?

  • They increase in price as you move up the Porsche range, with the PCCB (Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes) system for a 911 Turbo costing $21,990. BMW asks about $15,000 for carbon ceramic brakes on its $149,615 M4, for example, while Mercedes-AMG鈥檚 $155,615 C63 asks about $10,000 extra for its superior stoppers.

  • What are carbon ceramic brake discs?

  • Rather than cast iron or steel, carbon ceramic brake discs are made from a composite material. Silicon resin is shot through with small grains of carbon fiber, and moulded into the shape of a brake disc, with regular holes added radially to create cooling vents.

  • Are carbon ceramic brakes a good investment?

  • If carbon ceramic brakes seem like your kind of investment, choose wisely. One of the best known manufacturers is Brembo. The company supplies braking solutions to a host of prestigious manufacturers, including Ferrari, Aston Martin, GM, and Ford. What are carbon-ceramic brakes?

  • Why are ceramic brakes so expensive?

  • Super car manufacturers became interested, but the first use of ceramic braking technology was in high speed rail – which unsurprisingly takes the slowing down of fast moving objects quite seriously, particularly when they weigh in the hundreds of tonnes. The reason they are so expensive is all down to the production process.

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