how much do ceramic tints cost

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$400 and $500

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  • Is ceramic tint for car windows worth the cost?

  • The downside to ceramic tint for your car windows is its cost. The bill might be a few hundred dollars more to install than other types of tinting. Ceramic window tinting typically costs $400 or more for three windows. The additional expense might be out of reach for some people, but others believe it鈥檚 worth spending more.

  • What is ceramic tinting film?

  • There are lots of tinting films available on the market for your car and window. But ceramic tint is the leader in tinting. It has strong protection ability, sun-blocking capability, quality, and appearance. However, ceramic tint film is more invisible than other tints.

  • How long does ceramic tint last?

  • Most of the ceramic tints out there have a life expectancy of 3 to 5-years. Will my ceramic tint have a scratch? Your ceramic tint works as a barrier to protecting the film from the direct sun and its effect. Not only that, the film is being protected from daily wear tear.

  • What is nano-ceramic window tint?

  • The nano-ceramic technology blocks UV light and will keep your car interior cooler. While it prevents light from entering the interior of the car, the ceramic particles still allow visibility both day and night. A ceramic car window tint blocks 99% of harmful UV rays which can cause skin cancer.

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