how strong are ceramic magnets

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BHmax of 3.5

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  • What is the strongest ceramic magnet material available?

  • Grade 8 is the strongest ceramic magnet material available (Refer to properties chart below). When making magnetic assemblies with ceramic, it is typically easier for production purposes to magnetize the product after assembly. Since ceramic material is so brittle, it requires special machining techniques and equipment.

  • What are the advantages of a ceramic magnet?

  • Ceramic magnets are easy to magnetize. They are very resistant to corrosion and generally do not need extra coatings for corrosion protection. They are resistant to demagnetization by outside fields. They are stronger than natural magnets, though many other types of magnet are stronger than them.

  • What is the difference between ceramic and neodymium magnets?

  • Both ceramic and neodymium magnets are considered to be 鈥減ermanent鈥?magnets, meaning they will sustain a magnetic field for years unless damaged or otherwise broken. With that said, however, neodymium is significantly stronger than its ceramic counterpart.

  • What are ceramic magnets made of?

  • Originally invented in the 1960s, ceramic magnets are man-made magnets comprised primarily of iron oxide and strontium carbonate. To make ceramic magnets, companies mix these two elements together.

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