how thick is ceramic coating

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10-12 microns

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  • What is a ceramic coating&do I need one?

  • What Is A Ceramic Coating Do I Need One? A ceramic coating is a glass-like protective layer that bonds to your vehicle鈥檚 clear coat.The clear coat gives your vehicle that deep shine. The problem is, your vehicle鈥檚 surface is full of tiny …

  • What is the temperature range for ceramic coatings?

  • Temperature variance: Most ceramic coatings have a temperature application range from 50 to 80 degrees F. The coating will not bond to the surface of any substrate if it鈥檚 too hot or cold.

  • What is the difference between wax and ceramic coating?

  • Unlike traditional waxes sealants which are just films that sit on the surface of a vehicle, true ceramic coatings create a semi-permanent barrier of protection that bonds with your vehicle’s surface providing unmatched durability, protection, gloss, self cleaning abilities.

  • How much does it cost to get ceramic coatings?

  • These coatings require training and certification because of how expensive and difficult they are to develop and use. Costing $300 to $500 per oz most of these coatings are complete SIO2 and TIO2 solid formulas using the highest grade of ceramic resin.

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