how to apply ceramic coating to car

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Dab the applicator cloth with the ceramic coating compound,as directed. Working in small areas,apply the compound,switching the cloth every few minutes (so the product doesn鈥檛 harden and damage your car鈥檚 paint) and dab with more compound. Once you鈥檙e done applying on one section,let sit for 1-5 minutes to set.

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  • How to apply 9H ceramic coating on car?

  • How to apply 9H ceramic coating. Step 1: Raise the car surface paint and wash. Step 2: Apply foam on the car. Step 3: Chemical decontamination. Step 4: Re-decontamination. Step 4: Final polishing car surface. Step 5: Applying a ceramic coat. Final results. They also call them nano coatings or glass coatings.

  • Is ceramic coating a good idea for your car?

  • Before you apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle you got to make sure that your paint is as perfect as possible because these are a semi-permanent coating. They seal any defects that are left on the surface.

  • How do you remove ceramic coating from a car?

  • Some ceramic coating kits will come with iron remover, which you can spray to ensure any remaining particles are off your car鈥檚 surface. Completely dry your car bumper to bumper, ensuring all crevices are also free of water. Use a quality polishing kit to remove any light imperfections on your car鈥檚 surface.

  • How do I apply the ceramic coating to my product?

  • Using the ceramic coat kit鈥檚 applicator cloth and sponge, wrap the sponge with the cloth, as directed. Dab the applicator cloth with the ceramic coating compound, as directed.

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