how to clean ceramic window tint

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Spray some ammonia-free cleaneronto the tint, before wiping away any dust, dirt, or oil. You may need to rinse your cloth in a bucket of water part way through. Next, use another microfiber cloth to carefully dry the surface.

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  • How to clean tinted windows?

  • The natural cleaning option is the safest for your tinted windows. All you need is a spray bottle of water and microfiber cloth. Start by misting your tinted windows. Don’t saturate the film. A few sprays are all it takes to get the window tint damp. Using the microfiber cloth, wipe the moisture from your windows. Be certain they’re completely dry.

  • Can you use ammonia-free cleaning products on tinted windows?

  • But when it comes time to clean your windows, it can be hard to know which products will protect your car and the tint inside. Fortunately, you can use any ammonia-free cleaning product to wipe down your tinted windows quickly and safely. You can make your windows look brand new again in a single afternoon!

  • Why choose a clear ceramic window tint?

  • Ceramic tints ensure that you save money investing in their tint by protecting your car! Unbeknownst to many, infrared light is the type of electromagnetic radiation that causes the feeling of heat. And as we鈥檝e mentioned earlier, clear films feature great infrared light blocking abilities that help keep a vehicle鈥檚 interior cool.

  • How do you clean the inside of a window after cleaning?

  • Wipe the cleaner away with a microfiber cloth. Immediately after you spray down your window, take your cloth and wipe it either up and down or left to right. Don鈥檛 let the cleaner dry on its own, or it could leave streaks on the surface of your window.

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