how to cook with ceramic pans

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  • How to use ceramic baking pans?

  • Reducing oven temperature prevents food from burning along the edges. Prepare your ceramic bakeware for use. For most recipes, you will need to grease the pan well using butter or cooking spray. For breads and cakes, flour the pan after greasing it. This keeps food from sticking to the pan so that it is easy to remove after cooking.

  • How do you preheat ceramic cookware?

  • Preheat ceramic cookware by heating a dry fry pan, with no oil or butter, at the setting you’ll use when cooking before adding food. It’s better not to try to speed up the preheating step by using a higher heat setting. As a guideline, if you’re searing, frying, sauting or stir-frying, use a medium-high heat setting.

  • Can you use olive oil on ceramic pans?

  • Avoid using virgin olive oil as it tends to burn on high heat and will create a carbonized layer on the ceramic pan. Instead of cooking oil sprays, use a small amount of butter or any other oil. Gently coat the entire pan with a thin layer before you start cooking. This is easier to clean up and will not create a layer on the pan.

  • Can you put a ceramic pan in the cold water?

  • Do not put hot ceramic pans or pots into the cold water. Let the pans or pots cool completely before starting the cleaning process. It is important to increase the lifespan of your cookware. If you put a hot ceramic pan into the cold water, the graze of the cookware could be broke.

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