how to cut hole in ceramic sink for tap

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Position the centre punch in the middle Tap the centre punch with a hammerUse medium force to knock the tap hole Remove and reveal the tap hole Gently use a hammer to knock the excess sink Use the hammer to create the tap hole Check the diameter of the hole to ensure of it’s size

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  • How to knock a tap hole in a ceramic sink?

  • How to Knock a Tap Hole in a Ceramic or Granite Sink. 1 Step 1. Check Your Sink. First remove the sink from it’s original packaging and inspect the sink, ensure there are no visible signs of an faults … 2 Step 2. Identify Tap Hole Positions. 3 Step 3. Preparing The Sink For Knocking Through. 4 Step 4. Knocking Through The Tap Hole.

  • What size drill bit for a double ceramic sink?

  • I have a large double ceramic sink with a triangular space between the sinks that in images of the same sink I’ve seen a tap fitted. This sink does not have a ‘knock out’ so needs to be drilled and the thickness is approx 20mm. The hole will need to be 30-32mm diameter.

  • Can you knock through a sink?

  • Preparing The Sink For Knocking Through Before you knock through the tap hole, the required tap hole will needs to be fully weakened so the possibility of cracking or smashing the sink during the knocking through process is totally minimised.

  • How do you drill a hole in a granite sink?

  • Place the ceramic or granite kitchen sink upside down on a saw horse or similar where a drill can pass through without damaging the surface below, ensuring you place some cardboard or towel under the sink to ensure it from been scratched or marked.

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