how to cut hole in ceramic sink for tap

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Position the centre punch in the middle Tap the centre punch with a hammerUse medium force to knock the tap hole Remove and reveal the tap hole Gently use a hammer to knock the excess sink Use the hammer to create the tap hole Check the diameter of the hole to ensure of it’s size

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  • How to cut a hole in a bathroom sink?

  • In order to ensure that you cut the hole right, do consider the colored stickers placed on your sink which is substantially useful in determining the exact position of your tap. The center or core point of the sticker is where the incision for the tap should be made using a puncher as well as a hammer.

  • How to knock a tap hole in a ceramic sink?

  • How to Knock a Tap Hole in a Ceramic or Granite Sink. 1 Step 1. Check Your Sink. First remove the sink from it’s original packaging and inspect the sink, ensure there are no visible signs of an faults … 2 Step 2. Identify Tap Hole Positions. 3 Step 3. Preparing The Sink For Knocking Through. 4 Step 4. Knocking Through The Tap Hole.

  • Can you drill holes in a kitchen sink tap?

  • However, it is important that you clearly mark the position of the tap and also use masking tape to cover up this area. See to it that you only drill holes towards the inner line and not step out of it or else this will adversely affect the fitting of your sink.

  • How to increase the gap between sink taps and taps?

  • An advisable suggestion is the usage of large drill bits on the tap hole in order to increase the gap for the taps and bring it to the desirable dimension. Once the installation is complete and the holes have been cut, it is obviously detrimental for the long life of your sink that you take proper care of it.

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