how to drill drainage hole in ceramic planter

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To keep your ceramic pot from shattering, drill your first drainage hole using a3/16鈥?bit, with the painter鈥檚 tape as a guide. Drill slowly and with even pressure. This process will take a few minutes, and it鈥檚 best not to rush it.

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  • Can you drill holes in ceramic pots for drainage?

  • Say, you find the perfect ceramic container or flower pot in a store or thrift shop only to discover it doesn’t have a water drainage hole in the bottom. How disappointing. You can still use it for plants. If you can drill with a power drill, you can create holes in the bottom of the pot.

  • How to drill a drainage hole in a flowerpot?

  • Holding the drill in one hand and with the other hand apply a firm amount of pressure to the top of the drill, slowly begin drilling until the bit begins to drill into the surface of the pot. Then lighten up on the pressure, increase the speed of the power drill and drill the rest of the drainage hole into the flowerpot.

  • How do you drill a small hole in a pot?

  • Get the cooling water set up. Then start the drill at a low speed. Lay the bit at a low angle where you want the edge of the hole to be located. Increase the drill speed while maintaining the same position on the pot. (The bit will want to dance around.) When you feel a groove beginning to bore into the surface, slowly raise the angle of the drill.

  • How can I drain excess water from my ceramic pots?

  • So how can you take advantage of cool looking ceramic pots, vases, bowls, candy dishes, punch bowls or whatever if they have no way to drain excess water? The answer is to drill your own drainage holes. We鈥檝e been drilling our own drainage holes in ceramic, clay and glass containers for several years.

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