how to find matching ceramic tile

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Contact the manufacturer. If your tile is fairly new, you can try contacting the manufacturer to see if the tile is still available. Search online or in a phonebook. If the tiles were laid a long time ago, it may be hard to find a match. Mix and match new and existing tile.

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  • How do you match tile to existing tile?

  • Note the thickness of the tile. A thinner tile can be used to replace it by building up the mortar underneath it, but a thicker tile will not be flush with the existing tiles. It may be possible to match tiles that are a solid color or have a classic pattern at your local home improvement store.

  • Where can I find vintage tile matches?

  • If looking for a vintage tile match, you can find old pieces in antique stores or architecture salvage shops, but finding a match is like looking for a needle in a haystack. A discontinued tile finder may be of some help.

  • Is it possible to match discontinued tiles?

  • The search for discontinued tile can be fruitful depending on the tile 鈥檚 manufacturer, the size of the batch, and when it was discontinued; however, you may find yourself searching for it in vain. While the probability of tile match success may be low, especially if the tile is vintage, your tile search may uncover some unexpected solutions.

  • How do I find out what floor tiles I have?

  • This information can usually be found on any spare boxes of tiles left over or the manufacturer鈥檚 name imprinted on the back of the tile. If you have the name of the tile, try searching for this on the internet. If you do not get any results, go to the Tile Association website鈥檚 鈥楩ind a Tile鈥?

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