how to find matching ceramic tile

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Click onto the letter of the Tile Manufacturer, find the manufacturer in the listand click onto this to view a list of all Tile Association members that stock tiles from that particular manufacturer. Then it is a case of doing the donkeywork and calling each tile retailer individually to check on possible matching stock of the tiles.

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  • How do I match new tiles to existing tiles?

  • Quick guide: How to match new tiles to existing tiles 1 Find the same tile If you ordered from Walls and Floors originally, dig out your order confirmation email. … 2 Filter yourself a close match If you don鈥檛 know the exact tile you used, wheedle down your options on our website, by using the filters! … 3 Ask for our help / send a picture

  • Where can I find vintage tile matches?

  • If looking for a vintage tile match, you can find old pieces in antique stores or architecture salvage shops, but finding a match is like looking for a needle in a haystack. A discontinued tile finder may be of some help.

  • Should you mix and match tile materials and finishes?

  • Mixing and matching is key when you鈥檙e designing your space 鈥?everything from the texture of your window treatments to the pattern of the rug on your floor comes into play. More often we鈥檙e seeing the trend of mixing tile materials and finishes catch on and we love it!

  • Is it possible to match discontinued tiles?

  • The search for discontinued tile can be fruitful depending on the tile 鈥檚 manufacturer, the size of the batch, and when it was discontinued; however, you may find yourself searching for it in vain. While the probability of tile match success may be low, especially if the tile is vintage, your tile search may uncover some unexpected solutions.

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