how to fix broken ceramic figurine

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Be sure both surfaces of the broken figurine are clean and clear of debris.Apply a drop of Loctite Ultra Gel Super Glue to one of the broken pieces. The patented dispenser allows for excellent precision control and no mess application.Press the pieces together,ensuring a tightly matched fit,and hold firmly. Leave undisturbed for 2 hours. Full strength develops in 24 hours.Once dry,remove any residue adhesive by gently scraping or by wiping with a cotton swab dampened with nail polish remover.

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  • How to fix broken ceramic figurines with glue?

  • How to fix broken ceramic figurines with glue. It is an easy method to repair any type of figurine. You can even fix porcelain figurines, stone figurines, and glass figurines with glue. Choose some professional glue or epoxy to repair it properly. I have listed here some professional gorilla glue, super glue, super glue gel, epoxy, putty, …

  • Can you fix broken ceramic plates?

  • While your procedure will vary depending on the number, size, and location of the pieces you need to bond, you can use the following steps as guidelines for how to fix broken ceramic figurines, plates, mugs, and pottery.

  • Why did the owner repaint this broken figurine?

  • This figurine arrived very broken and with missing pieces and had high sentemental value to the owner. In this case, after discussing with the owner, it made more sense (and lower cost) to repaint all the details after it was mechanically restored and painted with a base color / glaze.

  • Can you use Loctite super glue on ceramic figurines?

  • For example, Loctite Super Glue Ultra Gel Controlis ideal for repairing ceramic figurines, but it is not suitable for items that hold hot liquids. Therefore, that adhesive is great for keepsake figurines but not for your favorite mug.

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