how to frame ceramic tiles

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Lay your tilesface down on a terrycloth towel to protect them from scratching. Squeeze silicone glue onto the rectangular part of the metal plaque hanger. Push down to seat the hanger and the glue on the back of the tile. Hang the plaque on a wall as you would a picture. How do you framea ceramicmural?

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  • Can I use ceramic tiles to make picture frames?

  • Use larger ceramic tiles to make larger picture frames if desired. Do not hang the picture frame on a wall until the epoxy glue has dried for 24 hours.

  • How do you decoupage ceramic tile picture frames?

  • Repeat two more times. Repeat all decoupage steps for additional picture frames. Attach picture hangers to the back of the completed ceramic tile picture frames with epoxy glue. You can substitute white glue, mixed with an equal amount of water for decoupage medium.

  • How do you decorate with ceramic tiles?

  • You can transform inexpensive ceramic tiles into picture frames by using an uncomplicated decoupage technique. Decorate a large wall area in a hallway, living room or bedroom with a themed collection of uniformly framed tile pictures.

  • Can you build a wall over ceramic tile?

  • We needed to frame a new wall to update the layout of our kitchen, but it had to be over existing ceramic tile. After lots of research, it seems that the general consensus is you can definitely build a wall over existing tile. Or hardwoods. Basically anything but carpet (why would you ever do that?!?!).

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