how to get scratches out of ceramic cooktop

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To remove the scratches from your ceramic cooktop, you鈥檙e going to need touse specific products and materials. Some people swear by good old soap and water, and that鈥檚 good enough to get various stains up and moving. However, when it comes to deep scratches on your ceramic stovetop, you鈥檒l need a cleaning product such as Hob Brite.

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  • How to remove scratches from a cooktop?

  • Allow your cooktop to cool down completely before you begin to remove scratches. Applying baking soda paste or cleaning creams to the cooktop surface while it is hot may cause injuries. 2. Mix baking soda and water together to make a paste with loose consistency.

  • How to clean a ceramic cooktop?

  • Even burnt-on and stubborn dirt can be removed in next to no time. First, remove large deposits from your cooktop with a glass scraper. . Then apply the cleaner and allow it to penetrate. Wipe off with a soft cloth and cleaning your ceramic hob is done in seconds 鈥?all without any scratches.

  • How do you get scratches out of a stainless steel stove?

  • Use a soft cloth to apply the baking soda paste mixture to the scratches. Rub the cloth in gentle, circular motions over the scratches. Use the cloth to remove any excess baking soda paste from the cooktop after the treatment. Use a fresh, clean cloth to buff your cooktop until it is completely dry.

  • Does delicate ceramic cooktop scratch so easily?

  • Delicate ceramic cooktop – Scratches so easily! pls help! OK, just bought a Kenmore ceramic cooktop/range. I have cooked on it twice, read the manual, was extremely careful, and it has scratches on it from both times. I used the ceramic cooktop cleaner it’s still scratched.

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