how to hang heavy ceramic wall art

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  • How do you hang a ceramic wall piece?

  • The hole needs to be well within the piece, but without being visible. If the wall piece is to be hung like a canvas or a picture in a frame, wire can be one of the simplest and most suitable materials to use for hanging ceramic wall pieces.

  • How do you hang heavy Pictures on a wall?

  • Determine the kind of wall you are using. Older homes from the 1940s or earlier tend to have plaster walls. Most modern homes use drywall. You can also hang heavy pictures on brick, mortar, and ceramic tile with the necessary tools and approach.

  • What is the best material for hanging ceramic wall pieces?

  • Every material for hanging ceramic wall pieces 鈥?wood, clay, Perspex, metal or glass 鈥?has its own attraction and if used successfully will not only support the ceramics, but will also enhance the final outcome.

  • How to hang picture hanging wire on a piece of wood?

  • I would put holes in your piece through which you can thread picture hanging wire. I do this on the feet of my large platters. Two holes spaced about an inch apart that the wire is looped through.

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