how to install shower curtain rod on ceramic tile

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To install a shower curtain rod into ceramic tile without drilling, start bytaking apart the shower rod. With two rods in hand, turn the spring side around and put it into the hole on the other side. Now, place the suction cups on both ends and this will create a firm hold when installed on the tile.

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  • Can I drill into my tile shower curtain?

  • An alternative to drilling into your tile is to use a tensioned shower-curtain rod; this type of rod has rubber ends and keeps in place through the friction generated through spring tension.

  • Can you put a shower curtain rod in a porcelain shower?

  • If you have porcelain or ceramic tile in your shower you are probably hesitant to damage it any way while putting up a shower curtain rod, yet without a rod, you risk having a mini flood in your bathroom every time you bathe.

  • How do you attach a shower rod to tile?

  • Place a piece of duct tape on the tile where the shower rod will be installed, and mark the spot where you will drill with a pen. The duct tape will help protect the surrounding tile from scratching if the drill slips.

  • How do you install a shower curtain liner rod?

  • Insert the shower curtain rod into both ends of the mounting brackets and tension the rod into position. Use the level, if desired, to ensure the placement of the rod. Put the shower curtain with its liner on the shower-curtain rod, and test the rod a bit to ensure that it is tightly fitted in place. Jason Gillikin.

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