how to install shower curtain rod on ceramic tile

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To install a shower curtain rod into ceramic tile without drilling, start bytaking apart the shower rod. With two rods in hand, turn the spring side around and put it into the hole on the other side. Now, place the suction cups on both ends and this will create a firm hold when installed on the tile.

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  • Can a shower curtain rod be installed on tile?

  • A wet tile can cause significant damage to the tile and the shower, and it can also lead to a leaking problem. There are several different options available when you are learning how to install a shower curtain rod on tile.

  • How do you measure a shower curtain rod?

  • Measure from the floor on both sides of the shower enclosure to ensure that the rod will be level, and then measure inward from the outer wall of the enclosure. For example, if you wish to mount the bar at 7′ high and 6 from the outer edge of the enclosure, mark a spot on both sides of the enclosure at that point.

  • How do you anchor a curtain rod to the wall?

  • Install the anchors that came with the curtain rod kit into the holes. Slide the brackets over the ends of the curtain rod and place it into position on the wall. Screw the brackets into place (you might want to get someone to help you with this step).

  • How to install two tiles in a bathroom?

  • Once you have secured the two tiles in place, you need to drill the hole for the rod. Drill the hole through the center of the tile. You should also use a bit smaller than the diameter of the tile to ensure that you do not damage the tile while drilling the hole.

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