how to install shower curtain rod on ceramic tile

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There are a few ways to installa showercurtainrodon ceramictile. One way is to use double-sided tape or velcro on the back of the rod to attach it to the tile. Another way is to use a drill and drill some holes in the tile and then use anchors to attach the rod.

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  • Can I drill into my tile shower curtain?

  • An alternative to drilling into your tile is to use a tensioned shower-curtain rod; this type of rod has rubber ends and keeps in place through the friction generated through spring tension.

  • How do you attach a shower curtain rod to a tile?

  • If there is no stud to sink the screws into, consider using a plastic anchor to stabilize the screw and protect the tile. Insert the shower curtain rod into both ends of the mounting brackets and tension the rod into position.

  • How do you measure a shower curtain rod?

  • Measure from the floor on both sides of the shower enclosure to ensure that the rod will be level, and then measure inward from the outer wall of the enclosure. For example, if you wish to mount the bar at 7′ high and 6 from the outer edge of the enclosure, mark a spot on both sides of the enclosure at that point.

  • How do you anchor a curtain rod to the wall?

  • Install the anchors that came with the curtain rod kit into the holes. Slide the brackets over the ends of the curtain rod and place it into position on the wall. Screw the brackets into place (you might want to get someone to help you with this step).

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