how to make decals for ceramics

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  • How to use decals on ceramic surface?

  • We will discuss how you use decals on the step of the ceramic surface by step. 1. Cleaning the piece: The first step is to apply the decals in cleaning your ceramic surface. You can apply many methods to clean the surface. The simple one is using the water. Make the water warm or a little hot on the stove, don鈥檛 make the water super-hot.

  • How do you make decals?

  • Decals are made from overglazes which fire at a low temperature. You can also make your own decals. First you bisque and glaze fire your piece. You should use light colored glaze so the decals shows well. Make sure the surface is free of dust, fingerprints, etc. Trim the decal and soak it in room temperature water.

  • How do you print on ceramic with decal paper?

  • To get the printed image to the ceramic glaze, you can simply glue the paper on the ceramic piece, but an easier and more accurate way to transfer your design is to use waterslide decal paper. This is a special paper that allows a thin film with your design to be placed directly on your ceramic piece with the help of water.

  • What are decals made of?

  • Ceramic Decals are made of a special water slide and heat release paper that transfers images from paper to ceramics or glass. Decals are a fun way to personalize your own work by adding color and depth and can be used in school classrooms for projects that kids will love.

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