how to paint a ceramic bathtub

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Use apaintbrush or rollerto paint the bathtub. Start in the top corner of the tub and work your way across the top before painting the interior and bottom. Use your brush or roller to smooth out major drips, but do not worry about smoothing out every little brushstroke.

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  • How do you paint a bathtub?

  • Part of the painting process involves getting the tub as clean as possible beforehand so that the paint adheres to the surface better. Wash the tub with an abrasive cleaner to ensure it鈥檚 clean. Use a product like Comet and sprinkle it over the entire surface of the tub. Use a new, wet sponge to scrub the tub.

  • Can you paint over a porcelain tub?

  • Hold the spray primer and paint 8 inches from the bathtub as you apply. Don’t use a plain oil-based or acrylic paint on a porcelain bathtub, or the paint will fail. Don’t paint over a bare porcelain bathtub, or the finish will fail.

  • Can you use epoxy paint on bathtub?

  • Painting a bathtub is possible, but you need to use the right materials and prepare the surface of the tub. The easiest solution is to use a tub and tile kit, which typically contains epoxy paint. How to Paint a Bathtub The surface of your bathtub may eventually show signs of wear.

  • What kind of primer do you use on a bathtub?

  • Rather than using the same primer you would use on the walls of your home, however, tubs can be treated with a bonding agent that will help the paint stick to the surface. If you鈥檙e using acrylic polymer paint on your bathtub, a coat of bonding agent, like Miracle鈥檚 Method, can prep your paint job.

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