how to paint a ceramic christmas tree

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  • What kind of paint do you use on a Christmas tree?

  • However, you can paint these Christmas trees on just about any surface 鈥?canvas, wood, rock, etc. Acrylic Paints (I鈥檓 using Liquitex BASICS but you can do these in any brand) Fan Brush (For fan brush trees) #8 Round (For round brush trees) #12 Bright (For flat brush trees) Hookers Green Permanent

  • What color background do you use for a snow tree?

  • These snow trees look best with a background that鈥檚 either dark or has enough contrast so the white snow shows up. I did a very basic blue sky background with snow on the ground. To do that, paint an ombr sky with light blue permanent at the top (horizontal strokes) fading to titanium white.

  • How do you use a fan brush on a tree?

  • Then hold your fan brush horizontally and gently tap just the tip of it to create horizontal strokes. Tap gently on the tip with the fan brush working in a left and right zig zag direction. Your tree should be narrow at the top but get thicker, wider as you go down.

  • What kind of brush do you use to do the tree?

  • This blog post tutorial is meant to help you step by step learn how to do the tree using three different simple techniques (one with a fan brush, another with a round brush and a third with a bright brush). I did the three demos on heavy card stock paper.

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