how to put a drain hole in a ceramic pot

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STEP 1: CERAMIC CONTAINER Place the flower pot upside down on a hard flat surface like cement or a deck. The drainage hole should bedrilled from the outside of the pot to the inside. Before drilling, you may want to place some newspaper or cardboard under the flower pot to protect the work surface.

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  • How to drill a hole in a ceramic pot?

  • And here鈥檚 how to drill a hole in a ceramic pot. We used a masonry bit to drill our hole. At first we thought we were going to use a bit for tile, but my dad couldn鈥檛 find his, so we opted for a masonry bit. Masonry bits are designed specifically for brick, stone, concrete, and similar materials.

  • Do you have to drill holes in pots to drain water?

  • For most pots, just one drainage hole is plenty. Especially if the pot is smaller. But if the pot is really large or wider with a different shape, such as a rectangular planter, it can be beneficial to drill a few holes for water to drain out of. Which Drill Bit to Use for Ceramic Pots?

  • How to drill a drainage hole in a flowerpot?

  • Holding the drill in one hand and with the other hand apply a firm amount of pressure to the top of the drill, slowly begin drilling until the bit begins to drill into the surface of the pot. Then lighten up on the pressure, increase the speed of the power drill and drill the rest of the drainage hole into the flowerpot.

  • Why do you need a drainage hole in a pot?

  • A drainage hole is essential to keep the plant from getting waterlogged, causing it to drown and the roots of the plant to rot especially if the flowerpot is outside. Say, you find the perfect ceramic container or flower pot in a store or thrift shop only to discover it doesn’t have a water drainage hole in the bottom.

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