how to put vinyl tile over ceramic tile

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Normal Installation If the grout joints are flush with the face of the ceramic tile you can install the vinyl tilesdirectly over the top of the existing tile installation. You can use self-adhering vinyl tiles for ease of use, or you can go with the old-school method of installing tiles in a bed of adhesive.

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  • Can vinyl flooring be installed over ceramic tiles?

  • Vinyl flooring resists scratches, mold, mildew and stains. You can install vinyl planks over ceramic tiles given that the ceramic sub-floor consists of leveled surface and minimal grout lines. Otherwise, you can fill in imperfect or deep-set grout lines by using self-leveling concrete or putting an underlayment to level the floor鈥檚 surface.

  • How do you prepare vinyl flooring for tiling?

  • Thoroughly clean the vinyl with plain water and let it dry. It must be free of dust, dirt, and any oily residue. Lightly sand the vinyl flooring with a rented flooring disk sander. This creates some tooth for the tile adhesive to bond to.

  • What is the Best Flooring to put over ceramic tile?

  • Vinyl planks represent perhaps the best option for installation over ceramic tile. They come in thicknesses ranging from 2 millimeters (about 1/16 inch) to 8.5 millimeters (about 3/8 inch) and typically float over the subfloor.

  • How do you grout between vinyl tile and ceramic tile?

  • Over time, the vinyl will sink or be pressed down into the contour of these depressions, telescoping the grout joints from the ceramic tile installation all the way up through the vinyl tiles. All joints between ceramic tiles must be filled with thinset tile mortar. Apply the mortar with a putty knife or flat metal trowel.

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