how to remove burnt plastic from ceramic stove top

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Use the spoon or dull knife, such as a butter knife to gently scrape away the plastic. Use caution not to scratch the glass surface of the stove. Spray the remaining plastic with WD-40 and let it set for a few minutes.

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  • How to clean glass stove top burnt plastic?

  • You hold a safety scraper fitted with a razor blade as a 45-degree angle against the glass stove top surface. To clean glass stove top burnt plastic, at the beginning apply slight pressure on the blade and scrape the melted plastic from the burner.

  • Can you remove melted plastic from a ceramic stovetop?

  • Removing melted plastic from a ceramic stovetop is a bit difficult and can be frustrating. However, you must remove the material before you can safely use the stove again. There is more than one way to do it, and the technique you choose may depend upon what type of plastic is melted.

  • How do you remove burn marks from a ceramic stove top?

  • Hold a metal scraper against the ceramic at a 45-degree angle. Put the blade of the scraper against the stove so it鈥檚 flush with the ceramic. Keep the handle at a 45-degree angle so you don鈥檛 scratch the cooktop. Place the edge of the blade against the stain or burned residue.

  • What is the best way to get burnt plastic off?

  • The best way to get burnt plastic off to clean melted plastic is with the scrubbing side of a Mr. Clean magic eraser, which can wipe away the plastic. Wet magic eraser, and warning it out to clean the melted plastic with help from a professional house cleaner.

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