how to remove ceramic tile on concrete floor

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To dislodge these outermost tiles,use either thechisel or a hammer drillmaking sure you work at a 45-degree angle to avoid damaging the concrete floor. Tip: If you’re removing ceramic tiles from the concrete floor in a large area,consider investing in an electric tile stripper.

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  • How do you clean a concrete floor after removing tile?

  • A wire brush can help remove stubborn adhesive or mortar but may not be suitable for use on delicate surfaces like marble. Finally, use a mop or wet-dry vacuum to clean the entire floor and remove any leftover dust or debris. For more thorough cleaning, you can use a pressure washer. How do you level a concrete floor after removing tile?

  • How do you chisel concrete to remove tiles?

  • Work the chisel between the tiles and the concrete, hammering them up with a 2-lb. maul. Use a 3/4- or 1-in. masonry chisel and a 2-lb. hand maul. Start at a broken tile or between tiles where the grout has loosened. Work the chisel under the tiles, forcing them loose.

  • How to remove ceramic from concrete?

  • Tools explicitly used to remove ceramic from concrete include: 1 Masonry Chisel 鈥?1 or Inch 2 Sledge Hammer 鈥?4-Pound 3 Flat Shovel 4 Heavy-Duty Floor Scraper 5 Pry Bar 6 Mastic and Glue Remover More …

  • How do you remove adhesive from concrete after tiling?

  • After you remove the tiles, chisel and scrape the adhesive off the concrete as well. If you can鈥檛 get it all, don鈥檛 worry. You can leave bits of adhesive up to 1/8 in. thick. Then use the flat side of a 12-in. trowel to apply a 1/8-in. layer of latex thin-set mortar over the floor.

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