how to remove ceramic towel bar

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  • How do you remove a ceramic towel rack from the wall?

  • To remove a ceramic fixture, such as a towel rack, from a drywall surface, you must: Cut through the plastic bar that spans between the two ceramic posts. Tape the wall around the base of each ceramic towel bar post. Use an oscillating multi-tool to cut through the adhesive between the wall and the towel bar holders.

  • How do you remove a towel bar from drywall?

  • If the towel bar is attached to drywall, it may be helpful to score the outline of the base with a utility knife to prevent the adhesive from pulling excess drywall when removed. In the case of a towel bar that can’t simply be pulled off the wall, the adhesive or mortar will need to be cut.

  • What causes a towel bar to come off the wall?

  • This could be a result of the screws backing out of the wall, but most often it is due to the drywall anchors becoming loose in the wall. In this case, the towel bar, brackets, and anchors should be removed, the holes patched and painted, and the towel bar relocated to a spot with drywall that hasn’t been compromised.

  • How do you cut a towel bar to size?

  • Cut Your New Replacement Bar to Size When cutting your replacement towel bar to size, it鈥檚 important that you not cut it either too long or too short. Here鈥檚 what I did 鈥?I put a spring-loaded end cap into one end of my chrome bar and then put that end into one of the fixed wall brackets.

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