how to remove melted microfiber from ceramic stove top

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  • How to remove melted plastic from glass stove top?

  • Allow the cloth to soften the melted plastic mound for five to 10 minutes. After removing the warm towel, use a plastic putty knife to scrape the now softened burnt towel from the surface of the glass stove top.

  • What to do if you burn microfiber on the stove?

  • Turn the affected burner on low heat. Start with the lowest setting and increase the heat slightly if needed. The object is to try to melt the microfiber again, but you want to soften it, NOT cook it. If it gets too hot, you may have a bigger problem on your hands, namely nasty fumes or a fire.

  • How do you remove burn marks from a ceramic stove top?

  • Hold a metal scraper against the ceramic at a 45-degree angle. Put the blade of the scraper against the stove so it鈥檚 flush with the ceramic. Keep the handle at a 45-degree angle so you don鈥檛 scratch the cooktop. Place the edge of the blade against the stain or burned residue.

  • How do you clean a burnt microfiber towel?

  • Remove the microfiber towel from your stove, doing your best to leave as much of the baking soda on the surface as you can. Start in the middle of the burnt area with a cloth scrubbing pad, working in circular motions out toward the edges.

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